Professional Live TV App Aia

Professional Live TV App

Guys today i am going to present you Professional Live TV app. This app has very interested features like maintenance screen, Update popup, Custom Live TV player (Without any paid or free extension) with amazing and attractive UI and much more… Let’s see the features of this app aia

  • Main App Aia

  • Admin App Aia

Features Of Main App:

  1. Splash screen
  2. Professional Intro screen
  3. Registration and Login Screen
  4. Sign in with Google
  5. Dashboard
  6. Dynamic Category (You can add n number of category without updating app again and again)
  7. Search
  8. Custom Player (Without paid and free extension)
  9. Maintenance Screen
  10. Update Popup
  11. Banners on home screen

Features Of Admin App:

  1. Upload Banner
  2. Add Category
  3. Add Channel inside category
  4. Edit Channel Details


Main App

Admin App:

Apk File:

  1. Main App
    Live_TV.apk - Google Drive

  2. Admin App
    Only For interested people

PM me if you are interested


1) What i will get with the main Aia?

  • Admin app aia
  • Guide Videos
  • And support (For limited days)

2) Used any paid extension?

Download Official Aia Store App:

Compatible With Kodular Fenix Update


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I Got Copyright strike with the similar app. :tired_face:

what format tv streaming url? m3u8 etc.

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m3u8 format