Custom video player: No extension

edited… demo apk added at bottom…

Custom video player for All type of videos…
Smooth and fast
Full screen
next video auto play on next press
previous video auto play on previous button click
smooth Slider seek controler forword or backword
current time and length of video
For both online and offline videos
auto hide show on screen touch
Vloume up and down slider
video quality auto adjust with internet speed

Demo video

demo apk

Demo player.apk (6.08 MB)


What is the use of such an app?

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for movies,drama,news,whatsapp status etc etc app…
and also a internal video video player of (6mb) for device like vlc,mx player

But the smartphone already plays videos, without having to install an app. Why would anyone download and install such an app?

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android Internel player not support all format and and some times show error on large/high qualities files like mkv etc…and also does not support online links videos

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Can you share the logic. How you implent this.which resources you use

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which part you want to know?..?

wow, can you share apk?

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yes offcourse…

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then plz add apk also

Please Change The Title Extention To Extension

Wow, this sounds interesting :+1:

I’ve changed it.

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@Rogerio_Rios this kind of player can be added for a part of our app, not necessary only video player.


yes offcourse…i checked out all video player extention but all are have enough bugs…soo i created this which is totaly perfect and fast than others

and its not about only for a part of an app…u can create complete and beautiful android internel player in less mbs(around 6mb) only

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Are you willing to share the logic how you implemented this in app the complete process


Waiting for you to post an APK!

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it’s look amazing but please provide APK also I’m Already using Video Player Extension but didn’t like any extension :smirk:

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yes i also checked every video player extension…but every extention has bugs…

For demo apk need some changes bcz i use this player in personal app…in 2 or 3 hour i"ll add apk…then u can check