Custom video player: No extension

Check post…apk added

And what about the process how can we make it

Will you also post demo aia

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Could you share aia file or is it paid??

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Not yet…


you use an extension for app??

Nice but there are free video player extension out there…

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Can you give me aia file.

Is This Using HTML And Webviewer ?

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No extension…already mentioned in post…

@annaschawdhary157 Not working for me​:expressionless:

Realme 5 (Android 10)

Showing a black screen whenever I play a video…

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Due to low network speed…
its working…check ur internet connection…

No html no webviewr

yes but…included much bugs…

I Think You Have Post Blocks Of This Or AIA File bcz It’s Sound Amazing

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Is it online??

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Its dynamic online/offline…also u can use offline as internel android player audio/video both and all video/audio format working…

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But it’s not showing any of the videos that are on my phone​:face_with_monocle::thinking:

yes offcourse online…video channels are always working online

The vedio player part.which resources you use