Video player component

Video player component is not working , it’s shows white screen , only audio play not video, what should I do …plz help

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All webview related components & extension will be fixed in next upcoming update release.

Checkout here :point_down:

Please explain what the Video_Player has to do with it.

Is not related with webview component ?

He said that it shows white screen but audio plays.

I thought that there is excess space in it also !!

I built this app again with Fenix and now no path is working:

If the video is loaded from any url, isn’t there is use of any webview related component ?

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Video player component is not working properly.
I use cloudinary url for video but it’s shows white screen , only audio play not video, what should I do …plz help…

Here is my code screenshot as well as app screen interface ss …

hey I read some posts and it said this is because of webview as video player is somehow related ( I also dont know how ) to webview and there is a problem in weview that’s why video player is not working

till then you can use this extension

Hey, i also use video layout extension but same things happen …video is not playing only audio is played…

can you share the cloudinary link once

test.aia (13.5 KB)
try this and don’t forget to add your cloudinary link

Yes why not …this is my cloudinary link …


yes i just tried it , i dont know why its happening you may contact the owner of this extension

yesterday this extension was working properly i dont know why this happened

do one thing open this link there are many video player extension i think you can choose one

Umm i dont know why let me see


also are you testing in apk??

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