PLYR Video Player Show Error

hi plz see and help why show PLYR Video Player this error

Share the block where is this problem came

Shot 0049

No problems with the player extension. It is due to your blocks arrangement. Pls rectify if you found any error or web url

What is the kodular version for you? Because in this update 1.5.0 it bugged PLYR due to webview!

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Tested fenix version of kodular n companion mode

Same aia tested in apk

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I tested the aia and it showed me an error, give me yours so I can take a look.

plyr.apk (5.3 MB)

Tested the aia from here

There is no issue in the extension. The error occurrs because on Android 10 kodular uses scoped storage and companion is not able to find correct file path. Below android 10 everything works fine.

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Try this
@Anu_Rocks @Victor_Ken @Still-learning
plyrx.apk (5.2 MB)

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This may be the issue in android 10

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In the thread mentioned above, The developer says that the issue has been fixed in the beta version of webview but has not been released to stable version. I am pretty sure that the issue is in the system webview.


You’re still in the same trouble.

Before Kodular Update it was working well in Android 10


has anyone checked the builtin webview component. Is it working fine??

I am using oppo neo7

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I tested on Redmi Note 7 (Android 10)

Before update it was working well :flushed:


Yes, kodular need to focus on this issue. Let we all hope, soon we will get a solution