Playing cloudinary videos in app using PLYR video player extension

I have created a video player app using Deephost’s Video Player extension but noticed that there are several bugs (like the timeline doesn’t work after entering fullscreen and then coming back). Hence I am planning to use PLYR video player instead. Actually, my videos are very long like 80MB so I am using Cloudinary for video sharing. Is it possible for me to stream those Cloudinary videos in my app using PLYR video extension? If so please tell me which blocks to fill in these:
If not, how can I play my videos without increasing the size of my app (I mean online)? Please suggest a video sharing website like Cloudinary which works with PLYR video player.
If that’s also not possible, how can I play my video in Html with different options like full screen, timeline, sound etc.

I went to Deep Host’s website and it said this:

Recently kodular new update has been an effect on our extensions. some of the extensions are not compatible with this. we need to update this all extensions. it will take some time please keep patience.

I don’t know if this is true for this extension.

This is not the problem actually… Video is being played but there is a problem with fullscreen. When I enter fullscreen and exit, the timeline stops but the video continues to play. Here in the PLYR video player, it says that we can play video from a .mp4 link

but in the media type only the following options are avaliable:

The MediaTypeVideo block doesn’t work.


You can remove the controls which you don’t want :point_up_2:

blocks (9)

There is no issue in that block as you can see


Thanks for the solution. I did the same thing but I was testing my app through companion so the extension was not downloaded locally on my phone so there was some error. Thanks to you I got the courage and tried several things and after deploying apk and installing the app, I was able to see the video. Thanks a lot!!

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extension name?

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