[Hot Fix] V 2.0.5 Plyr Video Player | Fullscreen, Qualities, Captions, Thumbnail, Attaractive UI

PLYR Video Player

Plyr is a simple and straightforward way to implement an awesome video player in your apps without worrying about state management. It has tone of features that make it stand out against other players in the market. You can freely use it in your personal & commercial projects. It is based on Plyr.io


  • Supports Thumbnail
  • Supports live streaming
  • Supports M3U8 files
  • Supports Multiple Captions
  • Supports Multiple video qualities
  • Supports Cache
  • Smooth Video Loading
  • Responsive design
  • Supports Local Files
  • Works Offline

and much much more is coming.


init 2.0

Use this block to setup player inside an arrangement.

Layout : Arrangement
Path : URL or a local path. For e.g. “/storage/emulated/0/video.mp4” or “https://example.com/video.mp4
Thumbnail : Image that you want to show as a thumbnail. Either offline or online.
Subtitle : Subtitle path. File format should be SRT. In the next version I will add VTT as well.
Subtitle Language : Language of subtitle file
Media Type : Specify the type of media that you are using. Media Type blocks are given in the extension.
Controls : Provide a list of controls that you want to show. :new:


Add a new subtitle file. Multiple subtitle files are supported.


Play Video


Pause Video


Reset video to initial position


Remove all subtitles

Deprecated :warning: :warning:


Scale player to cover the whole size of its parent.

forward :new:

Seek forward

rewind :new:

Seek Backward or rewind.

get metadat :new:

Get information about the current video. It returns a dictionary object that can easily be used with dictionary blocks to find specific information. It returns following info :

  • Path
  • Media Type
  • Thumbnail
  • Duration
  • List Of Qualities
  • Title of video


Event Raised when video player is ready


Event Raised when video is played


Event Raised when video is paused


Event Raised when video is completed


Event Raised when there is an error

timeupdated :new:

Event Raised when current position of video is changed.

trackadded :new:

Event Raised when a new subtitle track is added to the player.

got metadat :new:

Event Raised when player returns an object of Metadata that you can use to find information about current video

got text :new:

This block returns the current caption text that you can use to show captions in custom view.

loading state :new:

Event Raised when loading state of the player changes. You can use this to show some loading animation in custom design


Event Raised when full screen state changes. You can use this to change orientation of screen.


Enable loop


Change video source.
Remember : It only works if you have not initially used a m3u8 link.

Media Types

Specify the type of media that you are using.

current quality :new:

Change the quality of the video. It works only when you are using a HLS file that has multiple qualities. It takes index of the quality.

captions visible :new:

Set the captions visible to true or false.

current track :new:

Change current subtitles track. It accepts index of the track.

speed :new:

Change the speed of the player.

thumbnail :new:

Change the thumbnail of the video

Custom Controls

These are the controls that you can provide to player in initialize block.


Download Files

Version 1.0


The link is to an open group related to kodular app development. You can find both aix and aia file there.

Version 1.0.5


AIX File : Plyr.aix (143.8 KB)
AIA File : plyr_io_V1.0.5.aia (145.6 KB)

Version 2.0


AIX File : Plyr.aix (152.6 KB)
AIA File (Simple) : plyr_ioV2.aia (155.2 KB)
AIA File (Custom Design) : plyr_customV2.aia (278.9 KB)

Version 2.0.1

AIX File : Plyr.aix (148.3 KB)

Version 2.0.5 ( Latest )

AIX File : Plyr.aix (168.5 KB)
AIA File : Plyr.aia (149.4 KB)

Whats New In V1.0.5

Whats New In V 2.0.

Whats New in V 2.0.1

Fixed issue in full screen when content goes behind navigation bar.

Whats In V 2.0.5

  1. Removed Scale block as you don’t need it anymore.
  2. Fixed Full screen issue now you can easily change orientation and player will scale accordingly.
  3. Fixed issue of navigation bar overlapping the main UI in full screen

Special Thanks

A special thanks to https://plyr.io/ for providing a really awesome video player library. Make sure to visit their site.

Open Source

The extension is now open source. You can find it here.

Moreover I wont be updating the extension anymore. That’s the main reason I made it open source. You can try and fix the issues yourself and if that fix or update is useful for others make sure to share it. Enjoy.


If you liked my work, you can support me and motivate me to release more extensions and helpful stuff by joining my Facebook group and subscribing to my YouTube channel.
Facebook : App Development With Kodular
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSSQg8iowZRTSP4kCypUYdw

Thanks For Your Precious Time


Wow thats a great extension . Thank youu :tada:


Very Nice Buddy, And Thank you


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This topic is not about gateway. However if you have any ideas about a gateway that works in Pakistan you can pm me with details and I will see what I can do.


Nice extension.


Perfect extension, exactly what I was looking for. :clap:


This extension is incredible for my proyect.

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Yes, this extension is one of the best video player extensions ever. but if we have an option to exit full screen, then this will be number 1.
So can you add this option?


Its not in full screen. It fills its parent arrangement that you provide in init method.


Amazing !!


Some good things that could be added:
full screen.
Name of the video when tapped on the screen.
Dragging your finger up or down would increase or decrease the brightness of the phone.
I know it has extension, but it would be a good idea.


I will try to add full screen in the next version and other features as well.
What do you mean by name of the video ? the title ??

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Just Mind Blowing
I was Just Looking For this Extension
From Where Can I get This Awesome Extension??


The link is already mentioned in the post. You can check the post and find it under Downloads title.

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How to set multi quality links


Use a m3u8 file link for multiple qualities. like the one given in aia or this one below :
And set HLS to true.


I can"t See the Download link can you point out or Share Link Please
From where can I Donwload the extension ??
Thanks In Advance

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A Big Thanks :innocent:

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