Submit Bugs in Plyr Video Player Here

It is requested that all the users that are using Plyr Video Player and have issues with it, please tell the bug with all the information that you have here in this post. I create a separate post because there is a huge mess in the main post and I can’t understand what the issues are. So please list the bugs and issues here. Thanks


Fullscreen function can’t work properly it stucks full we do fullscreenExit and do fullscreenStart.

Video size problem when fullscreen.

Give some more User Interface(UI) to player controls to looks more interactive.

Just like i said on the original post…scaling problem

Don’t create post like the original post, let this post as original and report the issue here like new, @zainulhassan created this topic because all the stuffs like yours got messed up with topic’s mean, So what was the mean to create this topic for @zainulhassan

@youssef_achour So please don’t create these topic and messed up, Write The Issue Again.

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And I also request @zainulhassan

Please create a category in you 1st post by name
Reported Issues
In which you edit the issues that you change in next update with serial numbers so the users can’t report duplicate issues with issuers name

First issue is Fullscreen Reported by me.

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So you want more control over the default UI like changing color, fonts size, translations etc ??


I quoted it so that he can read it from here without having to go to the other topic, i think it’s not a problem my friend :upside_down_face:

Yes! :heart:

Yes, You got my point perfectly and every single icon also.

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@youssef_achour @Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki
All of this is possible but I am afraid I can’t add it directly in my extension as there are tons and tons of options that you can change. If I add it in my extension It will slow down the extension but there is a very simple and easy way to do it. You can edit the HTML file present inside aix file. I can create a tutorial for this as well. So what do you say ??

Take your own time but implement it in extension only.

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Sorry but this wont be possible. Cause Its too time consuming and it will surely bring lots of issues.

But what if i said, I don’t know HTML?

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Try this extension and let me know if the issue is still there :
Plyr.aix (148.3 KB)

Which version is this?

Its not a big issue everything will be self explanatory
like this :
–plyr-color-main : #0E86D4

This will change primary UI color

Its the testing phase of 2.0.1

It is not prior update for me, I only want to got fullscreen issue solved

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Yes check it Hope so it will fix the issue

Not a good layout scaling, I used Vertical Arrangement height = Auto
width = Auto

The control hides behind my navigation bar. How to click them :joy: