Offer 20$ Make Custom Video Player Extension

Will someone give us a video player extension?
We are giving below images for example

If anyone can make, contact us

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With this extension here you can create half of what you want.

[Hot Fix] V 2.0.5 Plyr Video Player | Fullscreen, Qualities, Captions, Thumbnail, Attaractive UI - Extensions - Kodular Community

With this one you can do to increase and decrease the volume and brightness
[FREE] BrightnessTools - Set brightness of your phone - Extensions - Kodular Community

Now it’s all a matter of logic, a cup of coffee to relax, and a lot of patience to get exactly what you want.

No working, After Kodular finex

Just be calm and patient for them to work it out. They are waiting for the other update to arrive until the end of the month, with this update they will fix the bug that is happening.

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Remove your email id, from post.

Unfortunately, the intention of my extension is to change the brightness of the phone, not just the app. Therefore permission is needed to be granted. To change the brightness in app without permission, please use @Mohamed_Tamer extension: