MX player Movie Streaming video src (get)

specially movie app


You can make a movie application from it.With the (MX Getter) application, you can create a movie application by connecting the source url of the movie with any of your player.

Step.1 open website or app
Visit this website:MX Player


Inserting only movie link in TextBox

Demo:MxPlayer.apk (5.8 MB)

this extension using control quality.

How to use

This apk are for webshow

Demo:MX GETtER_1.0.apk (5.6 MB)

code is :0058

Its price is Rs 200 only


Could you share the aia? It can be old version anyway, I want to study the blocks.

No, I cannot give you aia file because it is paid.

Whoever buys it from me, I will not give it aia file, I will give the apk there will be some changes, if you enter the MX player movie URL then you will get the video source. Then you can play the movie by putting it in source in any player. By the way, the link you get will be permanent.

Price of apk ?

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