Error while testing Plyr aia

Can anyone help me with this one? The error is showing when I do the live testing…
Plyr.aia (149.4 KB)

Does it work fine in apk ?

It should work fine in apk.

Yes it does in apk. But why not while testing?

The developer of the extension had already said that there are some issues in only during live testing


my guess is, you get this error while using the companion app, because the companion app does not use the path /Makeroid anymore to store the assets starting from Kodular Fenix…
it looks like @KodeBot forgot to mention that in the new features thread Kodular Fenix 🔥🐦

well, acutally this is not really a solution, is it?
the author of the extension @zainulhassan might wantt to adjust the extension accordingly



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