Kodular Fenix πŸ”₯🐦

:kodular: Kodular Fenix :fire::bird:

It has been quite a long time since our latest major release (longer than we’d have wanted), but here we are today, presenting to all of you a brand new version of Kodular.
This major update is a culmination of all the hard work that that has been put in behind the scenes during the past few months, and features game-changing additions like deeper integration with Google Ads services. In case you missed it, read more about our partnership with Google here:

We know you’re eager to read the full release notes, so as a final comment, this release has been named Kodular Fenix :bird::fire:, a translation of the β€œPhoenix” constellation.

Creator Version : 1.5.0Β  Kodular Fenix :bird::fire:


Release Notes

Major Changes

  • Reverted Ads Commission system.
    We hear you when you say commissions are a hassle to calculate; we are bringing back our legacy system of simpler commissions for each component. You can find their values in their respective docs pages.

  • Migrated to AndroidX libraries.
    Our sources no longer use legacy support libraries and have switched to AndroidX. Some extensions may face crashes until their developers upgrade them.

  • Added new app settings modal.
    Generic app settings that were previously placed in Screen1’s properties or properties that were global for the app have been moved to a new app settings modal just next to the Designer/Blocks buttons. Here’s a full list of properties that have been moved:

    • App Name Screen1 β†’ General
    • Icon Screen1 β†’ General
    • Splash Screen Screen1 β†’ General
    • Splash Image Screen1 β†’ General
    • Accepted Shared File Types Screen1 β†’ General
    • Sizing Screen1 β†’ General
    • Show Lists As Json Screen1 β†’ General
    • RTL Support Screen1 β†’ General
    • Tutorial URL Screen1 β†’ General
    • Primary Color Screen1 β†’ Theming
    • Primary Color Dark Screen1 β†’ Theming
    • Accent Color Screen1 β†’ Theming
    • Theme Screen1 β†’ Theming
    • Minimum SDK Level Screen1 β†’ Publishing
    • Package Name Screen1 β†’ Publishing
    • Version Code Screen1 β†’ Publishing
    • Version Name Screen1 β†’ Publishing
    • Google Ads App ID Admob/Ad Manager β†’ Monetization
    • Google Play Games App ID Google Play Games β†’ API Keys
    • OneSignal App ID OneSignal β†’ API Keys
    • Google Maps App ID Google Maps β†’ API Keys
  • kodular.app links will be valid for only 10 minutes.
    Generated links will move from a 2-hour validity to just 10 minutes.

  • :appinventor: Implemented metadata annotations for extensions.

New Components

  • Google reCaptcha Google

  • Banner Ad Monetization β†’ Advertising

  • Interstitial Ad Monetization β†’ Advertising

  • Rewarded Ad Monetization β†’ Advertising

  • ExoPlayer Moved to Experimental

  • YouTube Player Moved to Experimental

New Features

  • Label User Interface

    • Added Max Lines property. :gear: Advanced
  • Textbox User Interface

    • Added Max Lines property. :gear: Advanced
  • Google Maps Google

    • Added API Key property. :gear: App Settings Modal
  • AdMob Banner Monetization β†’ Advertising

    • Added App ID property. :gear: App Settings Modal
  • AdMob Interstitial Monetization β†’ Advertising

    • Added App ID property. :gear: App Settings Modal
  • AdMob Rewarded Ad Monetization β†’ Advertising

    • Added App ID property. :gear: App Settings Modal

Library Upgrades

  • Material Icons Font β†’ latest
  • Facebook Audience Network β†’ 6.5.0
  • Onesignal SDK β†’ 3.15.6
  • Play Billing β†’ 3.0.3
  • Play Services β†’ 18.0.0

Bugs Fixed

  • Enhanced anti-malicious extension system.
    We have improved our malicious extension detection system; now apps won’t start if a malicious extension is detected.

  • Fixed assets bug.
    There was a small bug that caused assets to not load sometimes due to a missing file:// in path.

  • Fixed buildserver bug that caused them to sometimes fatally terminate.
    Buildservers should be more stable now with this bugfix.

  • Fixed bug in File/Exists block.
    The Exists block should now work as expected.

  • Relative file paths are now accepted in File/Copy block.
    Only absolute paths were working; now relative paths work too.

  • Allow Lottie to access assets from Companion.
    Lottie component was previously not loading assets in the Companion.

  • OneSignal now shows native notifications if app is open.
    A new native notification will show instead of the standard Android dialog when triggered if the app is open.

  • Fixed Play Billing component.
    We have refactored and fixed this outdated component.

  • :appinventor: Mitigate Chrome 89 change.
    The Companion should now work as expected on Chromium browsers.