Incoming SDK 30 hotfix

If you let google maps work (without having to compile all the time to know if it worked or not)
If you fix the “preview” in dark mode when it gets buggy, that’s great for me!

Wait, they’re trying to say you’ll have trouble using the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. What will happen if I use the Tiny DB?

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Yes, this is what I was asking about. I asked if I avoid using all storage components that need WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission, the app will not have bugs?

I think there are other components need WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. aren’t they?

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I’m really surprised that no one seems to have been ready for the date (Aug 1, 2021) for targetSdkVersion = 30, which Google has announced for a long time.
(And this apparently applies to AI2 itself and all distros).


Released… 1hr before .


For very good reasons …

Thanks for the update!

There are two ways to avoid problems:

  1. Do not use components that can save something.
  2. Do not save anything in external storage outside of the ASD.

Could you please explain this point?

what about looking at the graphical overview, which was provided earlier by @bodymindpower ?



Can I choose to save files in the ASD ? is it possible? how to do?

Search the forums (AI2, Kodular, Niotron, …), this has been discussed intensively / extensively.

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You can search it in community(just by typing ASD) or you can track it in @bodymindpower profile section too. :wink:


many thankssssssssssssssss!

@Diego it would be very nice to see support for aar libraries to stop struggle for .aars done by extension developers and would also open gateway for new extensions!



we are waiting for it
thank you for kind support

When It will be According to Indian Time ??

Does Anyone Know ??

Thats a good news

The fixes were already delivered with the previous updates. Is there anything new you want to let us know?