I can't find Admob Ad Components

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Where are Admob ad components?

Next time please use search :mag: You will have to migrate to Google Ad Manager

and components changes in 1.5.4

Can I use Admob extensions?

Ads extensions aren’t allowed in Kodular

But i want to use AdMob :frowning:

and do i need app approval for this because my last app was on approval for 2 years and still is.

As I said AdMob components no longer available read here Monetization - Kodular Docs

But If it is unavailable, an Ad Extension should be allowed for that.

  1. Do we need approval for it from kodular to monetize using Google Ad Manager?
  2. When I click “Signup” button on Sign in | Kodular, nothing happens.

They are not allowed so stop talking about them. If you are unhappy then use another builder.

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Can you suggest other builders?

You have to do your own research. This forum is not the place for promoting or discussing the merits of other builders.

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not helpful at all.

I asked multiple questions and no one is answering them.

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That’s right friend. Unfortunately, almost everyone here only looks after their own interests.