Google Ad Manager Setup Problem

Hello, hope everyone is fine, I have purchased kodular 1 year premium but can use all ads network except google admob, while trying to setup google ad manager there is problem like below image please solve it.

Note : I can’t use any kind of admob extension, there is a problem in build apps.

AdMob components don’t work. This has been addressed multiple times already. In future please search the forum instead of spamming it.

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This has already been addressed several times thanks for your input but I can’t find this, please give the correct information, and it can’t be spam, anyway thank you :blush:

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Can someone give me a clean admob extension, which I can show ads in my apps without Google adManager? Moreover, I have seen admob extensions from YouTube or Forum which do not build apps.

Thanks You :heart_eyes:

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Hi, thanks for the help, please let me know if I can use this [Free] Admob Extension With Facebook And Adcolony Mediation kodular without any problem?

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