[Free] Admob Extension With Facebook And Adcolony Mediation

Please look at this post :

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thank you for sharing this.

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Hi, is this extension for admob up to date? I downloaded and imported but I don’t know how to use her blocks in kodular, I want to display banner.
And where do I enter my ad unit data?

great work

Great, but I didn’t find the admob extension file for Kodular. Also, what about the Advertising ID Declaration for play consoles? I have read your post but it was linked to NiotronIDE. @oseamiya

This the the admob extension for kodular?

Please don’t post the extension directly on the reply.

Yes, the extensions and procedures are the same as for the AppInventor.

A Guide Video :

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Please read the documentation carefully.
You can watch this video, same applies for the Kodular.

Also you can skip creating extension for admob id.
Go to Project Settings >> Monetization >> Google Ads App ID and add the app id there.

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You can skip creating extension for admob id on Niotron IDE.

Go to Project Settings >> Monetization >> Google Ads App ID and add the app id there.


Wow really you just give answer to one of my biggest issues i was thinking about. Thank you


As far i know, it does not declare anything in manifest.

It is for AD Manager ad units & kodular use it internally.

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It do declare the following manifest in your application.


where ca-app-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx~yyyyyyyyyy is replaced with appid you provided. That is what actually needed.


means we only need to add adunit aix only?


i tried the same method but The app keep stopped.


Yeah in the case you have dragged sdk extension and added admob app id from project setting.

Show the blocks…

It says, Malicious Extension Found. App cannot be initialized


Most probably you are not a premium user. Only premium users can use ads extensions

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Dear Osemiya thank you for this great effort. I mean I get surprised when I see these kinds of things made totally free. I promise if I use it in the future I will donate you from my earnings. I hope your support will keep on in the future for this extension. :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thankyou @gio06 :heart:

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