Is there admob in premier version

is there Admob in premier version, I just subscribed to premier version but I didn’t find Admob component

No, Use extension

could you pls tell me where can i get that extension…Advance thanks!


Hi, Admob ads displaying only when click on test mode otherwise it don’t. Is revenue generate during test mode? Thanks!

App should be published in any supported stores like PlayStore

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Hi, i have added admob sdk in screen initialize admob ads is working fine. But, fb ads not displaying i have added fb bidding extension which u have provided and that dex file not supporting in kodular

Upload the file in assets not as the extension.

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yes added…but how can i integrate this one pls guid…i am searching for it since 2 months

A video can be :

However, you don’t require to create the extension in Niotron IDE as in the video. Just add the google app id in Project Setting >> Monetization

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I’m using kodular ji.

Both working now… for fb i done bidding in Admob as per ur instructions in video and created normal blocks ( No extension added) …Tq

Admob mediation of FB.
Audience network
is still anything required to be done here? i mean any mediation/bidding to be done in meto audiance network? or go ahead. Tq

waiting for ur response…pls respond asap

If you have followed the guide correctly then no need to do anything more.

Make sure you have filled all the details in AdMob, configured app-ads.txt file … And upload the app on any supported stores.

i already published in play store 1 week ago…should i add app-ads.txt file ad mob? where can i add it?

It is preferable.

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i want to remove that gaps in text right side…any idea?

Hi, in admob extension sometimes i can see error
" there is no admod.sdk name initiated " how can i solve this error .
sometimes coming and sometimes not. but i have initialised admob in screen.

Because before loading interestitial ad, you should first initialize the sdk.
Please read the documentation carefully

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It is not related to the thread.