Admob banner extension block

how can i use the admob banner extension for my app please send image of block of admob banner use

This is the right way to load & show Admob banner ad ↓

thanks but in my banner ad extension “BannerSize-Standard” and Horrizontal arangement option are not available , so what can i do.

my banner ads extension is
com.oseamiya.admobbanner.aix (9.8 KB)

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Tutorials here for Oseamiya’s extension.

@Abhishek_Jain_A.J Hi , Are you able to publish app in Play store now(after implementing admob ads in app)?..iam facing error like bundletool build -apks something.

@oseamiya hi, i have used admob extension in my app and getting error while publishing into play store…Error: Bundel tool build-apks something…could pls help me.
Advanced Thanks !

Please check, if one of the following threads can help
and let us know, what you find out…


Hi, Could you pls share me latest admob free extension link…Advance thanks !

Learn to search the community yourself…
Try this search Search results for 'Free admob' - Kodular Community
Let us know, what you find out and post the link as answer in this thread


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Uploaded successfully, removed push notifications component. Now, I can see only Test Ads running in my app…is there changes need to be done to run general ads ?.. Thanks !