A problem in Build failed ! Google AdMob components have been deprecated , please switch to Google Ad Manager

Admob Components no longer support if you still want to use admob you should need two things

  1. Kodular premium subscription
  2. Admob ads extension

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Please stop spamming the topic and follow the suggestions provided. You have been told you need Premium and AdMob extension. Are you using an AdMob extension?

. has been deleted addition

Please post in full sentences and make it clear what you are doing, that way we don’t need to guess.

I am guessing you have deleted the AdMob component now. If you want AdMob you can use an extension. Search the forum for free and paid ones.

Even if you are subscribed to Kodular Premium, you can no longer use the AdMob components. If you wish you can use an AdMob extension (only Premiun users can use ad extensions).