Google Admob Banner is not found

Google Admob Banner Component is gone and i can’t event use admob banner extension :frowning:
I am really frustrated, been working on apps for months and i can’t monetize it :frowning:

I still see it

Do you mean component? Ad extensions are not allowed and could cause problems.

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I can’t see it that’s why i tried extension.

Something is wrong on your side

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Please can you guide me on monetization part. i worked really hard on it.

Did you remove the extension?

For testing purposes, create a new project and see if component is there

give me a moment

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It is on new project but not on project i am working on.

Most probably extension is causing the problem, what happens if you remove it ?

I removed the extension, still not found

I guess you corrupted your project by using an extension that is not allowed.

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How can i get component back without losing my work. Please guide me.

try exporting it as .aia

and import it
reload the website []

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Just reload creator


Let me try

ok do those things

Thank you so much.
Do I need a approval to show ads? I have Google Console but What If They Download From Other Store like apkpure etc?