Admob banner ad not showing

admob banner ad is not showing. please check the blogs.
please tell what can I do

Iss your app approved by the kodular Or your app available on play store…?
If your app in play store then download the app from play store & check the appp…

Kodular has approved monetization for app and app is not on Google play store.
But still I am unable to view ad in by app
Please help me

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Use ad failed to load block to find out the problem.

Hi… if your want to check your banner in kodular check the “test mode” and try using this ad unit id:


It’s the best way for testing and this ID doesn’t provide invalid trafic.

if your are using ads from admob for testing check “test mode” or they probably remove the ads for invalid trafic. if you already create the ID from admob it probably takes some hours even days before showing ads.

I give you the link where you can find more test IDs for other types of ads and the Google Admob’s warnings of not using test IDs in the development stages:
Test Ads  |  Android  |  Google Developers

Good Luck

Please tell me in detail. What can I do

It’s simple:

When you are testing your app use this AD for banners: ( ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/6300978111)

Then, when you want to luanch your app on google play:

Good Luck


Use the above blocks with your own Ad Unit ID and then check the apk. It should show an error.

I am using only banner ad in app. So you are unable to see intersial ad blog in screenshot

I am getting error message for banner ad. I am sharing screenshot below please check and tell me what can I do.

The error says it all, ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory.

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It simply means, google is not yet interested to show ads on your app. Either this could be because of a low quality app or insufficient organic traffic.

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I think we were connected on another thread regarding the same problem! :sweat_smile: Go back to that topic please, we already answered!

How to make a request to Kodular to display advertisements?