Advertising Problem

I tried their solutions for other advertising issues in the community but failed

My Kodular account has been approved, but after confirmation, the ads do not appear in the built-in apk

What is the solution to the problem?

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Please provide more details about your issue

I stated the problem very simply

Admob no ads appear is approved

Show your blocks here

Of course

block1 block2

  1. Check that all AdMob Ad unit id are filled properly
  2. It is not necessary ads will appear just after approval. Wait for some time. (it takes time at least 1-4 days)
  3. I will not suggest you to load interstitial ads on screen initialization. It is against Admob policy. You can call it on any button click.


Of course itÔÇÖs okay but I have to be quick to post it in the store

I edited it just to show again

which store , Play store?

yes play store

  1. If you are uploading your app on playstore then you donÔÇÖt need approval of Kodular for admob.

  2. Upload it to PlayStore. Ads will display after some time.

Suggestion : DonÔÇÖt worry much about monetisation. Focus on downloads and user activity. Ads will come itself.

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IÔÇÖm not worried my priority is already mass for my application

I have to be sure about the ads to run

What type of app is your?
You need to provide what type of app is and app url in first post no one here is superman that knows issue.
If relevant ads available for your app then only you get ads otherwise no.

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I didnÔÇÖt say that everybody would know the answer to this problem.

The content of the application does not restrict the advertisement. I will give it a little time.

The ads are not visible in the built-in apk, the reason is that they can be seen when the play store is published.

Advertisements appear smoothly on the live test screen.

This is wrong way to load and show ads my dear friend

ad blocks changed
Problem solved ÔÇťYou should pay attention to the solved labelÔÇŁ

for me its taking more than that its been 4 days 12hrs still nothing.

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