Regarding Ad Manger

After reading so many topics about admob and their answers by the kodular team, I finally found that there is no chance Kodular will add an admob component as a Kodular internal part, even for premium users.

So I decided to use an ad manager. But the reason I can’t use admanager is that I have an adsense and admob account associated with another Email ID - pop***** and kodular with another Email ID - yash****

I have been using adsense and admob for 1 year on pop*****, so there will be no issue with any approval. What should I do now?

I have seven apps published on the Google Play store, including two with over 25000 downloads and one with over 50000 downloads.

Please help me with the solution as I am the premium user and you left me with no choice rather than to use admanager @Vishwas @Diego @Kodular

Please help with proper complete solution

My suggestion, use free Admob extension, no commission, no forced update.
Also Videos Ads does not work on Ad Manager, your revenue will be straight 3x lower.

Your suggestion is good, but I am scared because of four issues. -

  1. In that one, there could be a virus or a commission added by the extension developer.
  2. If Google finds it suspicious, he will disable my account and remove my app for good.
  3. It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain updates for these extensions when the play store requires them.
  4. The latest requirement is to declare an advertisement ID.


  1. Code is Available. You can check but most of us can’t check it.
    You can ask extension developer of your trust to make it for you or switch to alternatives platform. GitHub - oseamiya/AdmobExtension: These are the extensions to integrate AdMob Ads in your AppInventor-2 applications.

Simple way to check extension - Make a simple demo app & keep loading ads manually it. Do not use test mode & use test id provided by Admob Enabling test ads | Android | Google Developers

  1. It can happen with anything.

  2. Kodular did not update their SDK for atleast 18 Months. You can also find apps on Play store which have not been updated for 5 years but ads are working.
    System Repair for Android – Apps on Google Play Example, last update Oct 2020

  3. I think, It is only required if you use Advertisement ID.

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The best is Admob, whether it is an internal or external component
As for the developer to set his account, this will appear in a file
Your app ads text
Don’t worry about that

What do you mean by switching to an alternative platform? But you know, Google always detects issues after some time of uploading the apps and takes immediate action. I’ve faced a lot. That’s why I’m scared of taking risks.

I totally Agree with you

Didn’t get it, can you please elaborate ?

You are talking about advertisement id right ?

Kodular Competitors

You can find this in your android settings. Google use it for ads personlization. Not every use it. Admob never worked for me, so I’m not interested in this & don’t know much.

No i have researched for many even all but didn’t find good as #Kodular.

So what do you use for monetization?

Admanager - No Ad Limit. I want to switch to others ad network & other platform.
I have tried this few times but could not complete the shift.
If some other platform bring ad manager than i will leave this platform.

So now you think admanager is good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now please help me with the solution of having different accounts associated with one with adsense and another with kodular.

I think only @Kodular can help me regarding this issue.
Now lets wait for the kodular team to reply with the solution

Create another Kodular Account with email id you want. Shift Apps Via Aia. Apply. Done

Yeah, I know I can do that, but I need some answers before that.

  1. In this account, I had already purchased the premium version.
  2. I have lots of apps with lots of assets and it has become difficult to upload them.
  3. I have lots of approved apps with ads here.
  4. I have a good community reputation and image that I don’t want to lose.
  5. Is it legal to have 2 Kodular accounts?

@oseamiya look into this!

Yeah, if you are going to use the extension, you should trust the developer.
Regarding my extension, all of my works are virus or comission free. They are open-source at my Github so you can compile the extension by yourself and use them.

I don’t know if Kodular allows ads extension or not and how you can configure the extension on Kodular, but the process for AppInventor is documented here :


Hi, we need one that is for kodular. Think about creating one specifically for him.

That’s really great. You seem to be a person of trust. I can trust you and use your extension without any doubt, and I also think Kodular will allow me to use it because it is clearly mentioned in the premium model that we can use ad extensions.

But as I am not an expert and I don’t know how to implement your extension in kodular, could you please help me with it? It will not only help me, it will help all the kodular community, even the kodular staff, as they are already fed up with the demand of the admob component.

It would be a huge favour if you developed one for Kodular with all the documentation and instructions to use it.

Also, do you know about the advertisement ID we need to declare in Play comsole? Is there any relation with Admob?

My friend @Shreyaa also suggest about your admob extension.
Thank you

In all honesty, I was considering keeping my extensions updated, including the Admob Extension. My laptop broke last month, and I still haven’t fixed it due to business for the examination. My main examinations will begin tomorrow and go for two months (assessment and semester end tests). So it appears that I won’t be available for two months.

I don’t have my laptops to write a documentation, don’t have time to research and all…
Therefore, it would be really appreciated if someone created a documentation for utilizing this extension.

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Our bad luck, but good luck for your exams. :+1:

I really don’t know who can do that, but I can only hope someone reads this post and creates documentation using your research. Thank you.

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Sorry! I can’t understand your query?
Advertising ID Policy it was a declare attached “Privacy Policy” link in your app and Playconsole!
I know this and everyone is saying so. What else to do or in our App or play console?

@oseamiya can you clear this doubt? or anyone of Prokoder?