Google partnership, new commissions, and upcoming roadmap

thanks a lot

its working

Yeah, you are correct. Probably those ads are the commissioned Unity ones. However, they should be working properly.
If not, please email me, as the new Google Ad Manager components have native commission, meaning you won’t see Unity Ads at all.

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We will soon launch reporting for Google Ad Manager in My Kodular. As soon as it gets public, components access will get more open, allowing existing invited users to invite other users.

Whenever we start processing payouts, components will open for everyone without needing an invite from our side.


Hey, what kind of control on ads do we have on ad manager?
I want to block a particular ad, can i do this? setting ecpm floor?

At this moment we are focusing on getting reporting done, as it a crucial part for users to really see their ads are working.
We will investigate it later, but should be possible :+1:

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This is great! Since I can confirm that all the 3 types of ads are now working perfectly.

My app generates $1000 admob in revenue per month. I don’t think it’s fair to pay more than 10% fixed since I have absurd expenses with own google tools, firebase spend -U$300 and google ads -U$200


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The platform will not tell me how much I actually earned and how much commission was for you in the monthly reports?

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The Terms and Conditions are laid out very clearly before you agree and sign up. If you are unhappy with them then you should consider alternative platforms.

I hope all users will consider alternative platforms. kodular is not transparent. You can be sure that alternative platforms will become popular!


So, basically, you are saying you don’t want to pay Kodular $100 because you already pay, quoting your words, an absurd amount of $500 to Google? I don’t think you are really focusing on where your costs are at…
Can I remind you that there are lots of free and better alternatives to Firebase (as it is one of the most expensive databases out there)?

You have our rates published in every component page.


that’s mean i already drop admob components in my project so these components will not removing in the future and i will able to work with admob in my app? (if kodular removed admob ad components Even after that?)

if I’m right, then when admob update their ads sdk then these admob components will working fine?

As said, deprecation will come in two phases. First, components will be hidden from the platform, meaning new adopters will only have the option to use Google Ad Manager. During this time, if you have already used Admob in any other app, you can still use it, and we will give security updates so they keep running.
But in a few months, we will also ask you to migrate to Google Ad Manager, so your apps will need to switch to the new components, as new builds with legacy Admob components will be blocked.

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thanks for replying,when i complete admob 100$ then i will switch google ad manager!

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When will kodular launch Android 12 because google have given a deadline of August for new apps and old app updates

We’re now pushing an update, and within one month Target SDK for Android 12 will arrive.


Thank you so much i was hoping for this reply :heart:
Love you kodular

will admob ads not work in my application which is currently on play store? I will update app… :frowning:

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