Google partnership, new commissions, and upcoming roadmap

Hey Koders!

It has been a while, but we are back with a new announcement! And as we promised, with big news for everyone. We are launching a major Kodular Creator version: Kodular Fenix 1.5! :fireworks:

But, this is not a standard release, because not only are we launching brand new components and features, but also because we have some big and exciting news…
We have partnered with Google! :google:

You will now be able to monetize your app using generic advertising components powered by Google Ad Manager. Kodular will manage your ad inventory, and issue your payouts based on your revenue.

Checkout our docs pages to learn more about changes coming to monetization with Kodular. As a quick introduction, we would like to mention that setting them up cannot be simpler: no ad units are required (we handle all technicalities in the background so you can focus on building beautiful apps).

These components will first launch in an invite-only phase, meaning you will have to manually apply. If you would like to participate, just fill in the following form:

Ad Manager - Kodular Application

Talking about commissions, we are removing dynamic commissions and bringing in a new, simpler commission system: fixed commissions per component. You can find the exact amounts in their respective docs pages.

Though, with these new Ad Manager components, we are aiming for the highest standards, in both security and quality. So, for Ad Manager, commissions will increase if you keep your app in an outdated Kodular Creator version. Thanks to our partnership with Google and optimizations from our side, you can expect to see more revenue generated than any other network we currently offer, even if we take marginally more commissions for Ad Manager components.

And finally, we would like to talk a bit about our roadmap. With this partnership, we are planning to change how you monetize your apps made with Kodular Creator. Google Ad Manager is a very powerful tool which will benefit you as a developer, your users, and us; and we would like to extend Kodular’s possibilities with it.

Thus, after a few weeks, those new components will be available for everyone. And, when that happens, AdMob components will be hidden and deprecated. Monetization with Google Ads will take place through our custom Ad Manager integration, managing ad inventory, which provides higher rates and revenue.

And once that has been done, we are aiming to integrate mediation with Ad Manager as well. This means that all other ad components will disappear, and just the generic advertising components will be there, making monetization way easier and less frustrating to work with. Three components for everything: no different components per network, no ad units; just drag and drop, perfectly in line with Kodular’s mantra.

And well, we know you may have lots of questions, so here we are! Just drop them in this topic, or if you prefer, open a new one in the #kreatorcamp:ad-manager category.

:kodular: Happy Koding!


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Congratulations Kodular


Yeah… so good to see this partnership :heart:

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Crazy, solved all issues.

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kodular is love :heart_eyes:

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Congratulation Kodular team

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I clicked on the apply link on

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Congratulations to everyone one


KODULAR FENIX IS HERE :fire::fire::fire:

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The docs links should work now


What about this page

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sometimes, i face the same

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My kodular gmail account and admob account are different.
What to do?

Use the email account you’ve used for Kodular.


Kodular team is amazing! There are just the best! :grinning:
Really can’t say anything more than this!


Love this Update :heart_eyes:

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What about Facebook ad users?
If I use multiple Facebook banner components will I be charged 9% of each component or 9% in total?

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You will be charged 9% for using Facebook ads, in addition to other networks you may be using. The commission values do not add up based on the number of components you use.