Ad Manager No Video Ads / Low eCPM

Hello, I’ve been using Ad Manager in one of my apps and i found that the main problem that my revenue is so low is that there are no video ads.

  • That app was making around 2-3$ per month with Admob. (eCPM 14-17$)
  • With Ad Manager the same app making around 0,3$ per month. (eCPM 2-3$)

Stats on Admob:

01/01/20222 - 02/01/2022

02/01/20222 - 03/01/2022

03/01/20222 - 04/01/2022

04/01/20222 - 05/01/2022

Stats on Ad Manager:

06/01/2022 - 07/01/2022

Will this issue ever be fixed or the whole transition from Admob to Ad Manager was not implemented right?

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Please add proof, it will help others & they will also post.


Dear @Kodular please enable Video Inventory to the Google AdManager.

when we set eCPM from $0.80 ~ $4.5 that day we get very very low impressions.


when we set eCPM from Optimised ~ $0.50 that we get good impression but very low earning as compare to AdMob.


As i discussed this issue with Vishwas and he said right now they don’t hai permission of video inventory of interstitial and they are working on it but it’s more than two weeks still didn’t fix this issue i don’t know why kodular didn’t get permission of video inventory

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They didn’t get permission in last 8-10 months, may be they did not know about it or did not care about it.

I don’t see this happening anytime soon.
They have been little active in last 1-2 week but I don’t thing that this will last.


This things were mentioned during GAM Launch. Google partnership, new commissions, and upcoming roadmap - News - Kodular Community

We didn’t get decent ecpm & fill rate.

Video Inventory is not available since launch.

This is from Premium launch post.
If you are subscribed to Premium, you will have access to all ad components. Furthermore,

Kodular again mentioned it but never explained how? Community has asked this several times. They mentioned in launch but still can’t explain.

More things that never took any shape

Vishwas did not provide any update on this. Posted on Aug 21

Posted Sep 21
We can’t still do it.

No Update About this also.

@Vishwas @Diego
Can you explain or update community about these promises & claims?


Post updated with stats


Same thing we want in ad manager through Kodular that’s why i talked with Vishwas and according to Vishwas it takes 2-3 weeks

The problem still persists. An update from Kodular will be much appreciated so we can have our future plans organized. Are there any plans that the problem be fixed so our revenue come close (or better as promised) to what we had with Admob?

any update when video ads will start working?


I don’t think so there is any update

Google always doing meetings with Kodular Management but doing nothing to help kodular

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