Things went Changed Suddenly with Fenix version

We waited long for Kodular fenix & surprised with its new Monetization Program. Which badly effect developers.
As explained by Kodular Staff Diego that we will have even higher earning with New Ad Manager components then AdMOB. But reality is different. i lost 7k active user within a month. Sudden drop in my impressions from 20k to 100 only. My earnings from $10 daily to $0.32 daily. last month i earned $17 only instead of $300 from AdMob. anyway its ok


What if Kodular team Charge us on Monthly basis? Now i have just 8k ad request left which i am unable to see as controls are with Kodular Parent account.

Same situation :sleepy::sleepy:

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12k impresn suddenly it changes to 1k to 2k ecpm higher but revenue lowโ€ฆ

Reply here so everyone should know what kodular is doing to us. So we could make everything easy for everyone.

Dear Kodular team, please revertback to Kodular Eagle. It was far better release. We know you are doing great efforts for developers but it is making more difficulties for us.

Please try updating your apps with the version of Kodular released today (1.5.3) and see if it makes a difference. Weโ€™ve made changes to the way the ads SDK is initialised (itโ€™s now done when the app first opens; previously was when the first ad request was made) and sizes for banner ads (weโ€™re now requesting ads only on some of the most popular ad sizes instead of requesting for custom sizes based on the deviceโ€™s width)


do I need to replace old Google Ad Copomnents with New? or do I just need to export APK now and publish the?

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Just export APK


Afer Export in test mod apk shows not aproved for serving ads nee to apply again??:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Re-export the APK and you should be good to go


Banner ad size increased??in my app the banner size is bigger

In testmod banner shows bigger and not fully visible is this problum only in testmod??

Banner ads now serve one of these sizes: 320x50, 320x100, 468x60, 728x90 depending on the ad available
Please check with live ads and see if the issue persists

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One more doubt any possiblty to set our device as test device like in facebook audience network??

There we can see live ads in our device without getting policy violation

Hi Kodular Staff! When you are enabling Meditation Groups. So we can have higher fill & show rates.

It will be a while before we introduce mediation options.

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I updated app with some beta testers but they saying no ads are showing in app after the latest updateโ€‹:sleepy::pray:

you are right. i update my apps also. but Interstitial Ads are not working and Banner Ads are not re-loads after every 30sec. it still shows 1 ad till not open anothr screen.