After kodular Fenix Update, I think Admob Banner ads show problem

After kodular Fenix Update, I think Admob Baner ads show the problem

Is its show half?

web viewer component and Admob some problem. because when Admob ads show then web viewer does not show and when web viewer shows then Admob does not show. but when AdMob is showing it’s show half. here is screenshot


Are you showing ads on a web viewer?


together is not. but it’s show half.

And Space at the top of webview after new release

admob banner not work properly after kodular update

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Yes right…

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Have you find any solution? I am also facing same issue after the kodular update

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Please give solution on this problem, this new update is wrost update of kodular…

showing half banner ads
showing half webview


you are right but I think to solve it in the next update.

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Don’t compile your application then. Problem solved.

me also same problem when try in companion its showing like this

its one admob banner but duplicate to two banner up and down

and when export to apk
this error coming

Put it in the cardview

i try this now working

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when i try in cardview its not duplicate banner its showing one ads
but the error of this

still showing after export to apk

exactly all this happen after new update :disappointed_relieved:

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After fenix update Facebook audience network version 6.5 not working properly banner ads not working properly,
Not load immediately any ads,
Banner ads showing half…
Many developer left kodular.
Because revenue generated very low after low revenue kodular charge 15% Commission…

After update we loss our 50% revenue…
Fix this issue within some days either we change this platform…

If you compare Facebook SDK 5.9 versus current 6.5 I think better 5.9, its immediately loaded and showing perfectly.

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Team Kodular staff, personally I really appreciate the work and effort you are putting to make sure this platform becomes the best version on MIT Appinventor platform.

I do not condone those who issue threats or talk bad with regards to the Fenix version. Yes it came with it’s bugs and as developers we all at some point have created apps with bugs, no one is perfect.

However, I would like to bring it to your attention that we are suffering silently. Personally I thought the bugs would be solved as soon as possible, but then some people mentioned that a fixed release would be made before 1st off August, to me it was a long wait but now that is is already August and nothing is happening, we are getting a higher uninstall rates. My app is 3 weeks out of date, my clients apps are in a mess, some are past deadline but because all my apps heavily rely on WebView there is nothing I can do.

Please, next time can we have a fall back option or a parallel phased out release so as to avoid such an inconvenience again.
I sincerely request that we get a clear directive as to how long shall we wait so that we know how to plan and strategize The delay has had impact both on our revenue and on our app users.

I know @Diego said you will not give details concerning the upcoming release but at lease, let us have some clarity.
Thank you.

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