Facebook ads not showing in koduler apps on playstore

can anybody tell me what is the problem and the solution.

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Is your app approved by the Facebook for ads?

yes and the ads were showing till 7 august.Now not showing.facebook audience network says that my app is usuing old sdk.

And did you build a new apk with the latest version of Kodular?

Not yet.will it do?

Just try and see what happens.

Facebook is saying that my apps android SDK version is 5.1 and new requirement is SDK 5.4 for showing ads.Do you know which SDK version is used by koduler?

Have you updated yet? If not, then just update it rather than asking questions okay.

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Do one thing. Just update your app with kodular eagle & Enjoy earning

Our facebook library version is 5.4.1


my app also not showing ads i also change sdk level to 5.1 to 5.11 but not showing ads whats problem and also approved by kodular and facebook.

Don’t Worry, I’m Also Facing This Issue
They Will Update Facebook SDK in Few Months

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In next days…


If You Don’t mind. in how many days ?

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I think less than 7, because 7 or more than that become a week. And he has not mention next week or next weeks :slight_smile:

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Hmm agree with you, im also waiting last 13 days but still not updated yet…lets see how many days will take it for…in 13 days i earn 0 :frowning: :frowning:

Hope they will fix in this week not taken more weeks…

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It’s updated now? Ad problem solved yet?

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We have not released the new update!!!