Facebook Sdk Update

@Kodular There Is new New Facebook Ads SDK available please Update it. Latest version is 5.8 and kodular using 5.5. I hope you guys will update it ASAP.


Yes i also Get notification from Facebook of new SDK 5.8


Yeah, I also Get SDK 5.8 Update notification from Facebook

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So Kodular team must take a look on this 🤷‍♂


Guys calm down its a sdk update.
Nothing else. We do the update when we have time


Old apps are displaying ads, but new apps which just got approval from Kodular for Monetization are not displaying ads. Please see the following ScreenShot.


Read the post above yours.

I read it. I posted because I cannot upload my new apps to play store because of this problem and I might be loosing my earning. The post you are referring contains an indeterminate time. To confirm the time when kodular is updating the component, i posted the above post

The post I pointed you towards was written by a Kodular staff member. If he had an exact timeframe he would have posted it. Instead it’s on a list of things to do. They’ll get to it when they can.

And besides they don’t always give exact timeframes for unimportant things.

Do you think Monetization of app is Unimportant? Please don’t drag unnecessarily when you dont’ have point to solve the issues.


It’s not a major priority for the developers. If it was then they would be doing everything they could as fast as possible.


Hi Kodular Team

SKD not update till now, please update it ASAP.

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Hmm m not agree with you
Its a platform for learning, experimenting and then earning through what they have gained.
We cannot deny its importance
But we have to be patient for the next update
And we request Kodular staff to do it as soon as possible
Because they are also busy in updating and improving the platform but it does not mean that they are not working on Facebook sdk bcs its useless
Its very important for all the users so don’t fight here just be patient

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Just who do you think you are calling people “boy”?

First Its not a bad word and i don’t use it to irritate you or annoy you
And now i removeeld if it hurt you
Just chill​:blush:

Facebook ads are not showing it says to update sdk version to 5.8 when kodular will update it?

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Facebook Ads are not showing in my App. Please Update The SDK to Latest Version Mika Diego

Developers are aware of this. Why do users keep posting this? It will definitely not help, maybe only irritate.

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Fb ads not displaying in new apps because of older sdk
please update to latest sdk [5.8]
Kodular is using oldest version:5.5

How we can use this in kodular? I have update app with android 6.0 and ads not show. Now what i do?