Facebook Audience Network : Banner Ads popping up simultaneously

While thanking Kodular team for the new update,
I have placed facebook banner ads component in my new apps and updated the play store after the Kodular Fenix update, Now they are gone live, but there seems to be having a problem with banner ads. The ads are showing and fading simultaneously without any involvement from the user in a quick time frame, which is kind of annoying.

My other apps which were monetized before with banner ads works fine, those ads are not simultaneously popping up and fading, they just showing the banner ad

Is this normal with newly monetized apps? or is it a bug?

Thanks in advance

Show The error In video how it’s looking


I have the same issues but i am using admob banner

is it a newly uploaded version after the Fenix update?

Ad the banner ad insert card view the problum will solve set the card view height automatic and width parallel

Dear Suraj,
Thank you very much for your suggestion, I’ll try it. Currently I have inserted the banner component to a horizontal arrangement and set the height to automatic, and width to “Fill Parent”

It was OK in last update, however I will try this


Are you using a web viewer in the same screen?

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No Banner ad is jumping in full screen but when we add the banner in cardview it is ok no problum for me

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No Vishwas, Im not using a web viewer

Dear Sooraj,
I also tried with card view, inserted a horizontal arrangement in to the card view (to apply the background color of my UI) and added the banner component in to the horizontal arrangement. It works fine. Thanks again.

However, would like to get an update from Kodular team too, whether we can do this with horizontal arrangement as we did before

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what is current Facebook ads SDK version ??? or can i use new Google ad manger ?

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