Google Ad Manager - Interstitial Ad Not working

Interstitial Ads not working after Fenix 1.5.3

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Same issue - No ad config error for both Banner and Interstital ads.

Although Interstital ads did get load with like around 10-15% fill rate on ad load requests but there is still a lot of loss due to it.

For banners, it was loaded only once and 1 impression showing. The banner was stretched and did not look good on device

Kodular team is working on it

They never said it, I’m not sure if they even took notice of it.

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You’re right. Maybe soon they will fix it properly… My earning dropped from $12 daily to $0.51. :confused: it was my full time job but now i started job in factory. Now i have less time for my apps. I wish soon they fix the problem. Ameen Ameen

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Today impression are getting high but eCPM is getting low. just $0.23 earning with 700 Impressions

In my case ecpm 0.07 impression 5k+:sleepy::sleepy:

In last 2 days my ecpm drops to 0.2 from 1.5

My earning drop $0.31 from $0.55
Impression increased from 155 to 600.

Kodular should make something like nitron. Charge us on monthly basis $5 for using AdMOb else you can close ad loading if one failed to pay amount.

Seems Ad Manager system is not working as we all were expecting ۔ alone me lost around 500$ till now after switched from Admob. Well i started Job in paper factory now. Its been 2nd month i am not still reached $15 with kodular.


Is kodular team still working in it?

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We haven’t notice any progress in system yet. Since last 2 weeks. Maybe they are working on it. Actually after new monetization programme kodular become part-time work for me.