Can we post our apps to ggogle play store as per their api requirements now?

Actually is there any option like targeted api level in kodular? Sine I am a beginner I have this doubt for a long. In settings we could find only minimum api requirement not targeted api level. Is this two same? Please help me in solving this doubt ! I would be grateful to you !

From project settings you set Minimum SDK Level not targeting SDK. Targeting SDK is set automatically and since Version 1.5.2 targets SDK 30

The minimum Android version your phone must be on for your app to run. The Android system will prevent the user from installing the application if its Android version is lower than the value specified.

Ok Thanks for your valuable reply!

So we can publish it on play store right?

Yes no problem

Also I have another question can you help me :grimacing:

… and the question is …?

I have created an app but it not fits to all the phones screen meaning it is not responsive to all the screens . Do you know any solution for this? I know this is not a question to be asked in here but as I am a beginner and I am learning new things everyday

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Ok Thanks for your valuable time

All those you would have found them if you used search :mag:


Actually I am new to the Kodular Community and I dont know much


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