Images not open properly in web view

Hmm, path is not the problem, problem is between image and html file. all html files in web view but their images doesn’t display while both images and html file saved in the same place. in the files only their alt tag display images name, however although some images show but only some…

BTY thanks for give your valuable time… enjoy…!


i used this method images show on companion but when i try apk in device image doesn’t show.

webviewImageFromAssets.apk (5.9 MB)


can u plz, tell us how you set join block horizontally… (path and file name) because there is vertically string option…

I would prefer if I get some feedback first on whether this works for you before asking further questions that could be answered quickly and easily with a little research.

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Hello @bodymindpower I am trying to access the assets in live testing through companion but i am getting error as web page not available

The web page at file:///storage/emulated/0/Android/data/io.makeroid.companion/files/assets/stopwattch.html could not be loaded because:


Android Version 10

Working Fine with Companion (1.5.1 Fenix) :white_check_mark:
Not Working With Companion (1.5.2 Fenix) :x:
Working Fine in Compiled Apk :white_check_mark:

What could be the reason ? or it is something like we have to wait for update ?

Strange, for me it works with Companion on Android 11:


Companion (Version 1.5.1 Fenix)

Companion (Version 1.5.2 Fenix)

I’ll check that later also on one of my Android 10 devices.

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Skip Taifun’s PathToAssets as it’s not working…

use http://localhost/your_file_name.html

Works on companion 1.5.2 and as APK on A.11 and A.5

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Thanks @Boban

This seems to work for me in companion and in apk (tested on Android 10) :smiley: :smiley:

Not for me on Android 11.

It will only work on companion 1.5.2

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Apparently I am still registered as a beta tester with this test device and have therefore not received an update, so Companion 1.5.1 was still installed on this Android test device. The update to 1.5.2 was carried out on all of my other 16 test devices. Unfortunately there seems to be no link to Companion version 1.5.2 yet. Or …?

You can download it from appcenter


Thank you.

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oh… that’s why my image are not open with html pages… :thinking:… so what’s the way to show html pages when there are available in offline… because locahost related to computer system. is there any way of android devices to access html pages.?


This for me does not work, I have tried everything, before with fenix 1.5.1 in apk it worked now in companion it works but with apk NOOO.

So it worked perfect with 1.5.1.