Images not open properly in web view

i upload images around 30 and link them with different html pages which are open in next screen via web view. some images of them not opened properly. but when i check assets, images are there. i already check them on device before uploading, they work properly but not now…

Post relevant screenshots to check up

What… I didn’t understand your words… can you explain more deep.

Pls post us what you have tried, screenshot of your blocks…


where file2 is label and “file.html” included 3 images. i used this syntax <center><img src= "image_name" width="100%" height= "250"/></center> to ad images in html file.

and this is screen3 three named by Browser

@Devendra_Singh1 I want to know what are you trying to do ? If you can tell me then maybe I can suggest you a more simple or easy way of doing same function

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i have some html files in my assets with images its a offline app. all files will open in next screen via web view block. as you can see above… where html files includes some images. but when i try app in my device files open perfectly but images can’t…


Ok Now you want that those HTML files will access those images from Assets of the app ?

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Yes… because app is offline…

Ok I got it but one more thing what file path are you using?? I think its not correct that’s the problem

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Path… don’t no about path i just upload them and used taifunTools1 to access html file that’s it.

i also check youtub no one say about path only TaifunTools1 block.

Ok wait let me tell you how to get path

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@Devendra_Singh1 I don’t know if file path is correct or not
Here is path of Assets on companion

And here is On Application

Now only our professional @bodymindpower Can help in this matter

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so how to used them them …?

Please wait till Anke our professional reply to this


i tried and result is some images are open and some are not… i applied same method on them…


Hmm, path is not the problem, problem is between image and html file. all html files in web view but their images doesn’t display while both images and html file saved in the same place. in the files only their alt tag display images name, however although some images show but only some…

BTY thanks for give your valuable time… enjoy…!


i used this method images show on companion but when i try apk in device image doesn’t show.