Google play store ask for API 31 and unable to publish app when the kodular API 31 will take place

please provide information how to publish app on google play store it show error of API 30 and ask to upload new .aab file with API 31 . can i get any information when it will update to API 31. I am premium user of kodular. thanks

It’s already been upgraded. A simple search of the forum would have told you this.

if you still have issues after building your project now, then provide a scrfeenshot of that error message

are you tellin me that Kodular has upgraded to API 31?
why can’t i see it into the options? :sob:

wow man, don’t be so rude, i’ve alredy seen that post. I didn’t get any updates yet and i was wondering why. If it’s a waste of time for you to reply, just ignore.

Please don’t waste people’s time by asking questions that can be answered by a quick search of the forum.