Api 30 - any alternative option to upload

Any alternative option to upload app in playstore until next release (api 30) to upload in playstore can anyone help with detailed instructions


No working solution available.

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I am not sure but i suggest you try to use app inventor bridge AIA to Java Code - #3 by Peter
To translate your aia in to java then you can upgrade it in android studio

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It’s not for kodular. Kodular aia will not be converted as there are lot of component difference in app inventor and kodular. If you tried to import the kodular aia there then you will face an error something like can't find componentName. If you used such components in your aia that aren’t present in app inventor bridge.


Regardless, the java bridge in app inventor is dead…


We acknowledge the great works Kodular team is doing, ensuring that this platform is not only kept up to date but deliver great features for everyone to use for free. Ensuring a bug-free update or update with minimal issues is a task that cannot be compromised. As a friend and partner in progress with Google, is it possible to ask for extension of time to meet up with their target API level 30?
Unfortunately for me and many other members here, this denial to publish new apps or update existing is coming at a crucial time of development.
Thank you Kodular.


I have seen many articles in the community but found nothing.

I have more than 5 apps pending for release, and 10+ apps pending for update can you please clear when we are getting update, or at least give us the deadlines, waiting for your reply.

The update will come when it comes. It’s unlikely the staff are going to give a firm date for it so people need to stop spamming the forum with questions about it.

Api 30 is already here.

Keep in mind, lots of bugs thereby search the community…