Wrong number of aurgument for AnimateComponent error

My problem with this error is solved now SO thank you so much

Thank you, thank you so much now this problem is solved

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And the problem was?

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As suggested, it would be nice to provide the solution to your problem in order to help others with the same problem in community.

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My one question can i ask?

Is it related to this problem ?

SDK Android 11 API in kodular, when will 30 be available because I have to upload the app on google console,

It is available from last month. Have you searched the community :mag: ?

If I select API 29 SDK and publish the app in Google console, then the app will not be rejected because according to the rules of google console it is necessary to have SDK LEVEL API30, just make sure me
please reply

Have you read what I posted above ? From creator, project settings you set minimum SDK not targeting SDK.

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Hello please reply I need your help

If it is about ads approval you have to be patient

I had requested 8 days ago for my app for ads approval in Kodular, but till now no response has come, so now I am forced to shift to Niotron app builder.
Please help, please

Sorry I am repeating this question but
I had requested 8days ago for my app for ads approval in Kodular, but till now no response has come, so please chack and solve this problem.

Please tell, when ads will be approve iñ my app?

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hello dear can i ask again this question?

your query was solved but didnt mark solution (It will help others to get answer while they search for the same in community)

Marking solution is a way of thanking the member… It is actually a Good Practice…

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thanks for reply but my actual question is - i was requested for ads approval for my app before 2 week but no response given from kodular , so i cannot able to publish my app on play store\ when will coming any response from kodular.

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