State Progress Bar causes errors

Describe your issue

State Progress Bar is causing everything on the screen to not render

Steps to reproduce the issue

Add a State Progress Bar to the screen and open the companion app

Expected Behaviour

It shows up on screen

Actual Behaviour

Render problems

Show your Blocks


Android version


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Please update the companion from Google Play or wait till an update is made available to you.


My app is up to date

Same think happens to me , Companion Version 1.5.0 Fenix


@Vishwas what is this error it’s showing me that update is there but after click no update option

@Aditya_Nanda Check one thing when you open companion does it show this

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Or Try to Update it by clicking on your profile photo

and then select

Manage apps & device :arrow_right: Updates available

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Here see

Done but no update for companion

Oh you may do one thing delete the app and install it again it will be updated I did the same thing


:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: Nice Thanks a Lot​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I am also having some problems with state progress bar in Fenix version. Anybody know when it will be solved?
is there an alternative extension with the same utilities?
I have looked for the community forum but I do not find anything.

Visit here.

Thanks, @Sumit1334
I knew this page, but I would like to know when this problem could be solved? I need this component to advance my project. I need to know if it will be in the range of days, weeks or months,

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