Professional Aia Player- Watch Tutorial Regarding UI Design for Kodular

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Aia Player

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Today i gonna introduce you professional Aia Player app. on this app i will share the tutorial regarding Ui design for kodular. So any one can access this app for free. on this app i will upload the tutorials regarding Ui design. and this may help a lot to the new developers. Lets discuss about its features:



  1. Professional Intro Screen
  2. Cool DashBoard
  3. Description (Click on 3 Dots , if you want to read the description)
  4. Watch Video on custom player
  5. You can Increase or decrease the speed of the video
  6. Volume controller
  7. Forward 10 Sec and Rewind 10 Sec
  8. Search


If You want Aia’s For wallpaper app, deephsot app, e-commerce app, movies & streaming app, News app, Jobe app, online music app… then download Aia store. I am giving Aia Store link below.

Download from aiastoreshop


Nice app :+1::+1:

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Why only HD

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Thanks for your feedback. actually player is not completed yet. i will complete it step by step.

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I click any tutorial but none loads. I will make a screenshot next time, the button for it on my phone doesn’t work bu I will download an app for it

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Does this custom player works for youtube urls ?

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Ok, Thanks. and i has been remove that loading in this update so u not get loading directly video will start.

No, this wont be work for youtube videos your video url should contain .mp4 extension

New Update Is Live :google_play: [Version 1.1.4 Pigeon]
Updated Log:

  1. Player has been changed
  2. Loading Disable
  3. Side menu changed
Download from aiastoreshop

How to implement that maintenance screen need help video on it :pray:

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