Bottom navigation bar ui/ux

Bottom nevigation bar ui/ux

i made the bottom nevigation bar with ux and there is not use the bottom nevigation component of kodular so you should download the app first and then you will go to the aia.

Bottom nevigation bar

Blocks Image:

Apk file link:

Aia file:

Video tutorial:

Kindly check my youtube channel also


Create app for you (Fiverr) :

Create with
Kodular :kodular:

Operating system:
Android :android:

No extentions used

Image component of kodular
clock component of kodular


Good, but

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aia is also provide there you must see first then post

I know that there is an .AIA, and I know

Aaand .AIA is not what many people want.

PS: this is going Off-topic, so if you want to PM me, feel free.

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this isn’t tutorial
and it will be good if you post some screenshot of block in the topic itself

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i adde the block image

Hi, I just made the Extension for kodular, check it, I hope it could reduce your work.

Please provide link of that

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