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Hi Everyone,

I am building movie player app using youtube player extension in Kodular.

I am planning to purchase Deep Host extension Exo Video Player? As anyone purchased it before? If yes, how is the exp so far? Does it provide thumbnail option like what Youtube player gives as I want to display list of movies from dynamic airtable DB.

Only reason I need to go for purchase this is it plays video from Google drive as well so just want to know how it works and if it gives thumbnail?

I tried sending email to developer many times but not reply. Not sure why people develop extension and forget.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Hi @Ark_Entertainment, welcome to the comunity…
Exetensions from deep host are not recomanded as he doesn’t support his extensions…Also you can get the thumbnail of any video using this extension from @vknow360 from it direct link or path:

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I think you can play videos from google drive if you got it’s sharing link and set the source of the video player to the link… or i’m wrong :thinking:

I think not because for playing video your url must be ended with any extension .mp4 or .mkv

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I really not recommended you to buy his extension. Because i didn’t get support when my video is not playing.
It’s not worth to buy !

I checked it, you are right @Yash_Agarwal_376 :+1: but you could upload it to firebase storage or cloudinary manualy instead of google drive and you will get the download link which you can set it as the source…And no need to paid extensions :sunglasses:…any way that’s your decision…

No its doesn’t give video Thumbnail

It’s a very useful extension in a suitable price and I never faced any issue with his Exo Player Extension

Yes, I purchased it

Same happens to me

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But if you are uploading it to firebase or cloudinary so you get only limited bandwidth which is not good if you have 5k+ Download or depending upon how much time user spend on videos. And i think google drive give unlimited bandwidth (no idea just imagine).

My Personal Method.
Create a Facebook page and upload your videos(Don’t try to Upload copyrighted videos) on Facebook. Use that video link with some logics :grin: in your app. Unlimited and free storage.
You can use it if you want.

Facebook also not give direct video link which is ending with valid video links. So that’s not the right way @Ottoman .
The only way is to take a paid hosting and upload videos in it.
Because good things in free have some limitations

Yes You’re right. As I mentioned

It’s very easy to get .mp4 link of a facebook video.
I’m also using this method for my videos :grin:.

If anyone wants to know how to play facebook videos in your apps then let me know I will try to help you when I have time :relaxed:

Yes i am interested how to get fb video links. Plz say how to get @Ottoman

Sure :blush:
Tomorrow I will create a guide on this :heart_eyes::heart:

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Did you movies belongs to you if not then you cant show in your app without permission of owner.
You can’t show ads on YouTube videos which is not yours

Thank you very much Mohamed. This would help me in getting thumbnail. Since deep hosts extension is not option to buy. Do you know which extension or free extension is available which would play video from google drive links?

Thanks Yash for your reply.

Do you know any other extensions which can be used for playing external links like from google drive or any other video links.

750 GB per day per file

i think u want this

Hi . I want to know the process