VideoUtil: Get some information from video (Url/local)


VideoUtil gives you some basic information about video including video’s thumbnail.
You can get info from both the url and local file as well.

Latest Version: 1
Released: 2020-07-26T18:30:00Z
Last Updated: 2020-07-26T18:30:00Z
Permission(s): android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE




  • Got Thumbnail
    Event raised after getting thumbnail asynchronously and returns thumbnail’s (absolute) path .
    path ~ text
  • Get Thumbnail
    Get thumbnail path of video from source.format can be png,jpeg or webm.quality should be between 1 and 100.Use this method to get thumbnails for small video files because it works synchronously affects main thread.
    format ~ text
    quality ~ int
  • Get Thumbnail Async
    Works same as ‘GetThumbnail’ but asynchronously
    format ~ text
    quality ~ int
  • Set Image
    Sets image’s picture to thumbnail asynchronously
    image ~ Image Component
  • Set Source
    Set source of video.This can be either local video path or online video’s url.
    videoPath ~ text


Download Link1: com.sunny.VideoUtil.aix (11.4 KB)
Download Link2: com.sunny.VideoUtil.aix - Google Drive


Thanks to @dreemincome for the idea :heart_eyes:
A lot of thanks to Kodular for this platform :heart:

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nice Extensions its free

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New great extension by @vknow360
Awesome job…


One more great extension.


How to work it

Thanks so much !!! Another great extension :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Another amzing extension :heart_eyes:

Custom Metadata means ??
Can it give the title of the video url, For example for youtube video url ??

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I am fan of your extension. Always waiting for your next extensions :heart_eyes:

Nice Work! :+1:

You can’t use it with YouTube url or any videos platform.
It only works with direct media links
For eg :

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Can I use this for creating listview. Like YouTube RecyclerView Gets Videos Thumbnail in milliseconds (depends on Internet connection).

I never tried it you can try it.

Yes that will work.

Information attached with media file in key-value format.
You should check the link given below that block’s documentation.

Only if link is direct media link like cloudinary gives.

Thank you everyone.

I want duration of video from cloudinary link. Can i use 9 as id for it?

Why not try this

Ok got it. Can we use it in dynamic components extention?


Yes you can.
But in this case I would suggest you to use SetImage method.

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how to get thumbnail in list view ?
And it’s block not working?