VideoUtil: Get some information from video (Url/local)

See this :point_up_2:

I changed the link, now working but only the lastest thumbnail is loading in list view.

I have given above the screenshot of the block.

There is no blocks where you are setting image

Will it use “set image” block, if yes then how?

How to use set image method in list view?

i try to get the thumbnail from video by using VideoUtil extension and set blocks just like @minhajulhasanmollah19’s blocks but its not working for me…blocks (41) blocks (42)
how to get thumbnail from video

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Neither is mine working.
While the same block.

The VideoUtil extension isn’t working for me in my exported apk, but when i use it in my companion app, this works fine.
I need help please…
I’m using this extension with local videos. I use an image picker (where i can pick videos too), and when i pick a video i use the SetSource block with my picked video path, then, i have used the GetThumbnail Async block. When i get the video thumbnail, i use the given path with a image Scale block. When i scale the thumbnail, i upload the result image to cloudinary, but when i use the Upload Media block and get the upload response, i get an empty string in the url var. This means that the thumb file wasn’t created correctly…





Please fix this issue…


Please :pray::pray::pray:

1st u need to allow storage permission from app setting…

okey now same video create multiple thumbnail randome name, i need same video create only one thumbnail with video name + thumbanil.jpg,
like video name “video13.mp4” then thumbnail name is “video13_thumbnail.jpg”