Help YouTube videos thumbnail extension

Like this :point_down: ?


How did you do it? :hushed::see_no_evil::grin:?

I just cropped the image height-wise using image editor component :grin: . Something like this :point_down:


Oh man
You are great :+1::ok_hand::metal:
And where can I find this extension?

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It’s not any extension. It’s Kodular built-in component called ‘Image Editor’ :point_down:

And I have used its Scale Center Crop method :point_down:

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Thank you so much man :pray:

Or please check this :point_down::point_down:

VideoUtil: Get some information from video (Url/local)

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What you want me to check?

No I am not Great but trying to become Better :slightly_smiling_face:


Ohh… We have that blocks too :sweat_smile:
Actually I don’t have more knowledge of utilities part, because never use those components.
Nice @Vaibhav

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The thumbnail it contains is not getting in the list view.

And you read some of the last messages, you will understand everything.

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Ok will check later as I have closed my laptop now due to some urgent work

Same here.

I just searched the word ‘crop’ in Kodular docs and I got the above block and then tried to implement it for the first time :grimacing:

:point_up: Secret :shushing_face:



Nice, i will keep that secret :shushing_face::zipper_mouth_face:


It’s not working in list view :weary:

Show your blocks

What’s the error?

See :fu::fu:

There must be something wrong in ID.
What’s in that variable.

Show the block of declaring YT_popular procedure

BTW, the emoji you are using to point up is not the right one. It could be by mistake, but this just to let you know.
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If there was a problem somewhere in the block, it would not be a thumbnail show.

Just PM me the aia if you want and I will have a look after some time. @pnkjpjt123

You can use this URL format to get thumbnail, without cropping it or without any extension.



You can use this method because it doesn’t require any extension or any extra components, thus makes the app size smaller.

But if you use the normal URL Format it will appear like

It gives thumbnail but with black border and very low resolution…

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Huh… Nice no need of extension and images editor too.
It will save many blocks.

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