How to show video from storage

I need to load video like this. ( From phone storage )

I read some post and tried but not success
Can someone help me ?

You want to play a video form the storage?you can try setting the video player source property to the video path?Or i got you wrong?

Can’t understand ( Sorry, I weak in English)

Use set source property to set the video player component source to ( the path of the video.For example : /storage/emulated/0/hello.mp4 ).And then call video player . start.

Here I got success already. I mean when user click on a thumbnail then open and play the video.
Thank you for understanding

First you need to create the dynamic components.You can try this guide:

Then you will set the image to the thumbnail of the video you can get it using this extension:

Now when any card view click, set the video player source to select list item from list ( list = list of your video paths , index = you will see in the guide how to get the index :wink:)
And hten call player1.start

I already used the aix but i got also same error

It isn’t loading?What about trying the normal loading and not the async loading block.

Can you share me a aia file. Please

I don’t have an aia file now to share.If this extension isn’t working with you, there is another extensions too :sweat_smile:

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