[BETA] Gamers Spot - Esports & Gaming Community App V3.1.1


Hi Koders!
I created this app named Gamers Spot. Its basically an esports & community app for gamers.
I’m releasing its beta version. Some function might not work as it is in development stage.
Please feel free to share your feedback & suggestions.


Release Notes

Last Updated On : 2021-09-22T18:30:00Z

Sep 6 2021
  • Fixed custom profile Image error while creating a new account.
  • Fixed chat views runtime error.
  • Fixed some minor performance related issues.
Sep 8 2021
  • Added Post Short Clip Option.
  • Added VIP Members only Features.
    (No Subscription Fee is required for VIP Membership.
    1st Way - Users can simply mail us for VIP Membership.
    2nd Way - App automatically checks users activity in the app if it matches the VIP Level Criteria. They would be automatically promoted to the VIP Membership. T&C applied.)
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
Sep 9 2021
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Some minor improvements.
Sep 10 2021
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Some minor improvements.
Sep 15 2021
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Some minor UI improvements.
    2nd Release (Kodular 1.5.2 Fenix Update) :
  • Migrated to target api level 30.
Sep 17 2021
  • Fixed Posting Short Clips.
    (Now uploading short clips is working on android 11 devices too. Thanks to @vknow360 for his VideoUtil Extension which helped me to solve the short clips thumbnail problem.)
Sep 19 2021
  • eSports Clubs have been moved to Chats Section.
    (Users can now only join the clubs via invite links either by leader or members. Sample Invite Link : https://gamers.spot/clubs/id/gamersspot)
  • Some minor UI changes.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
Sep 23 2021
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Some Changes in UI.

Known Issues

As per testing on Android 5 and Android 11 devices :

Gamezop Games are not loading in some Android 5 devices.

Reason : Kodular WebView Component Error

(FIXED) Posting Short Clips is not working.

Reason : Pedroza Thumbnail Generator Extension is still using Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory which is now deprecated in Android 11 (API 30).

Download Link

Google Drive : Gamers Spot.apk (11Mb)

Special Rewards for Beta Testers : Fill form here

Please keep the app updated to the latest releases to avoid unexpected errors and bugs. If you still find any errors or bugs, feel free to share with us.

AIA File

I am not providing & selling any aia files. Beaware of fraud messages and mails.


Why Google Drive Link?

I’m providing Google Drive’s link because the app is in development stage & i will frequently launch the new releases. It is safe & easy to manage files on Google Drive.

Is Aia File available for everyone?

I am not providing & selling any aia files. Beaware of fraud messages and mails.

Which colors i used?

Primary Color : #050b18
Secondary Color : #182035
Accent Color(Dark) : #6045dd
Accent Color(Light) : #7264e7

Which font family i used?

I used Poppins Font Family by Google.

Thanks :blush: for reaching out to this topic.
#Made with :kodular:


Nice UI :+1:

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Wow, amazing :ok_hand:

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Thank you so much

App’s UI is OP :fire: :fire:


what us that link supposed to do when i open it , it closes

If you are saying this link then it’s the download link of the app.


wait it worked


great ui :heart_eyes:

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Nice ui design

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Wow, very nice UI and design… Love it. Not the most original app but really well made! Good luck with it :slightly_smiling_face:


There doesn’t seem to be one. Perhaps you can DM the developer to ask how much it costs and how to pay for it.

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Please do not ask again tha same question. No aia provided only apk to test it. As @deanart2012 already mentonied

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I need AIA file … please can you give me this game aia

Which part of this post above you didn’t understand?


is AIA file open source can u share it?
But the app is tooo OP

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Wow, the best UI I’ve ever seen in Kodular community!


Wow, amazing :ok_hand:

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Hey, tried to install it on my device but it said that this application cannot be installed.