How to create Image list and select item in list view image and text

Use Taifun Files extension or Extension by @vknow360. You can not show video image in list view because the extensions available for extracting thumbnails is little bugged. :slight_smile:

which list i can take for showing videos by the device storage ?

You can use List View Image and Text but you can’t show thumbnails.

can i use grid view to showing device video?

You can use anything but you won’t be able to show the video thumbnail.

why?We have this extension:

I know. But it takes too much time to extract the thumbnail and show it in the listview.
The extension is good for extracting thumbnail from a single video but not from multiple videos at a time. I have tried every possible method but not getting the desired results.

It works a bit slow for online videos but not for local videos.
I would like to see your blocks.

These are the blocks. :sweat_smile:

How much time does it take?
Here you know the image component so why not use SetImage method?

I think for 20 videos, it takes around 20-25 seconds.

It is dynamic, so how can I use SetImage method? :thinking:

There is a method in my extension to set image’s picture asynchronously.

Oh yes, I tried that too but delay is same.

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Hi @GOPAL_CHANDRA_HALDER, please don’t go #off-topic
If you have a question about a specific extension, ask it there in the extension’s topic :wink:

How can i use this blocks for extracting device storage videos in a list view image and text?any other blocks needs besides this blocks?please help me…

Use Taifun files extension to extract videos from the device storage. :slight_smile:

I use filetools to showing device sd card videos in list view image and text but showing error-undefind…below my blocks and error messege…please anybody help me…

This is how you can get videos from your device.

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I tried it but no video showing by live testing…