Chat app with messages sorting

You can use firebase storage

There’s tons of ways to do it and I recommend firebase storage to get the direct/download URL of it for beginners.


if you made it possible then it was never impossible :slightly_smiling_face:

Nearly 3 months ago when i was new / nubcake to Koding and i was stuck with a similar situation,
i solved it using a simple method - i used numbers as the tag of data, then i used bubble sort to tag and done, all sorted.

Now i make tag as time of action performed, then short them.

Both methods are successful and easy.

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Can you share it to the community

Nice…but its quite easy not impossible

Everybody is saying same can anyone provide

yes…check my post…easiest way to sort dynamic list in any order :heart_eyes:

Here is post…

Yes it is good but I think that the one that I have prepared that must be quite easier that you have prepared. hence ,it depend on the user.

by this method user can change sort order by his desire

Ok so sorry for the word that I wrote impossible but I should write quite easier. I have changed check it

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You say impossible…but i think it can be done in few blocks…not a big deal

Nice app. UI is pretty good.
Just one suggestion: You can add thumbnail of the video instead of using just Play Icon. It will look more professional. :wink:

Yes I have added that also but not in this app

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Oh nice. :sweat_smile:

Yes but i don’t know that there we something like you think. As per i know users can use any of methods but i have suggested the simple way. Next users know what is best. As first time it was not easy for me but then I take much longer time to complete it .

I was thinking to use extension for it but currently there is no extension for it to get thumbnail from the url or web images

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There is extension available for that.
Use this extension by @vknow360.

You can get thumbnails from web as well as from asset file.

thanks for your suggestion I haven’t seen it yet

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You are welcome. :slight_smile:

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