Chat app with messages sorting

Hii community today i have done possible things to be quite easiest means i have created a chatting app in this the data(messages) are stored in sequence check the video:-

Hope you all like this in this app I have just used some common sense and some trick

Test app :- (Coming soon )
Paid aia :- Paytm price (coming soon)
Paypal price (coming soon)

The prices will be most affordable to all users

And happy gandhi jyanti to all Indians

Please don’t copy the ui and designs of this app try to do hardwork


One question: where will this type of app be used? In any group of employees of any company?

I have created for chatting

may be used for many purposes if some one is creating chatting app or education app to ask doubt to tutors etc

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To use with tutors and students, would it be configurable to use school database users?

For what If exists Telegram WhatsApp… ?


Kodular has more than more than millions of user(not sure) means millions of brain can’t a single person make most advance than what’sApp and telegram.

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I have just given the solution of one question that I found some users have same problem for chatting so they are not able to create

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Yes … :thumbsup:

And my question is for everyone who wants to do this, it’s not just for you.

Ok waiting for their response

yes you can use for school databases

Good work!

However, I don’t think it’s impossible before and it’s not really hard with some simple logic :wink:


Can you try this ? To prove

But whatever it is you have really done hard work and achieved that.


Correct. I’m sure that’s incredible :thumbsup:

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yes, thanks I have used firebase database for this and it is useful it depends on users.

I have seen many questions Regarding this problem most of them are saying to use date and time but may be it’s hard for user

And after this some of them also want to show that when the item from the list of users click the list should be updated means the latest messages would be first in the list

and i won’t want the unnecessary fees I am giving at the affordable prices

I want to ask to the community what should i set the fees of this ?

It must be near $27.28 as you have only built this type of app​:grin:
In rupees=Rs.2000

You mean around $27 and 28?

That is quite expensive in my opinion